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12th Grade English: Literature and Philosophy

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English IVLiterature and Philosophy consists of four soft-cover chapters with four companion student activity books packaged as part of a continuous high school English curricula designed to prepare students for post-high school studies and careers which require critical interpretive skills in language, reading, and writing.  Section quizzes and four chapter tests measure student competency.  This course also serves as an introduction to philosophy, because it consists of selections that equip students with perspectives on theology, economics, social activists, and historical thinkers who encouraged freedom and virtue, and authors who express philosophies which inhibit freedom and virtue. This course provides a study of the major world authors who were “firsts” in their fields of philosophy, reform, politics, science, religion, drama, poetry, novels, short stories, essays, biographies, and autobiographies. This study takes a historical approach to literature, touching on ancient writings and progressing through the Dark Ages, the Medieval Era, and into Modern times. English IV: Literature and Philosophy also addresses cultural traditions of oral recitation, myth, fable, legend, parable, and folklore. The student will learn to recognize literary characteristics such as theme, tone, and voice, as well as techniques to enhance interest, including anaphora, refrain, and many more components of literature. The accompanying activities will stretch a student’s writing and critical thinking skills, and require memorization using the Benjamin Franklin approach to learning. Activities will propel the student toward achieving literary and critical excellence and will enable the student to interpret important literary themes. As with all Paradigm courses, teachers/proctors may purchase all four chapters or may purchase only those chapters which are preferred. Teachers may exercise personal preference for constructing a course by selecting specific chapters from those available in English I through IV. During the learning process, students enhance vocabulary, build moral character, and gain insight on how to make wise life choices. Students who complete at least two PAC English courses are usually equipped to skip college freshman English courses. This is a strong course, especially recommended for college-bound seniors.  English IV is designed for one high school transcript credit under English or Philosophy.

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