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8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries

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  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries
  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries
  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries
  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries
  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries
  • 8th Grade Science: Natural Science Mysteries


Natural Science Mysteries as an eighth-grade course, these texts cover Earth and life sciences, plus studies on the Periodic Table of the Elements and the solar system. Each scientific concept is enhanced by adventure vignettes in which young people help solve community mysteries by applying the scientific method of discovery and character traits of integrity, honesty, commitment, diligence, and kindness. Students learn how virtues and personal responsibility upgrade moral character. The narrative, high-interest approach of this series engages students so they progress through comprehensive scientific material with clarity and engagement. Students are exposed to scientific evidence which explores traditional and contemporary theories about the origin of life and the formation of our planet and universe. Texts allow the student to evaluate theories from a scientific and rational perspective. Companion Activities “walk the student” through the text in chronological order. Selected questions in Activities also serve as preparation for state academic assessment exams. Activities are applicable in homes, classrooms, or in individualized learning centers in which students progress through the course with interest, understanding, and content mastery. AS A READING ENHANCEMENT TEXT Editors have prepared Natural Science Mysteries Texts and Activities to accommodate high school students who struggled through science courses in another publisher’s text or who need elective credit in Reading Enhancement. (This is possible because of the manner in which the activity questions are structured). Students may complete the five chapters of texts and companion activity books, section quizzes and chapter tests of Natural Science Mysteries to learn essential science content and/or to earn one high school Reading Enhancement transcript credit.

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